My first ever blog post! I decided to do a post on mascaras. In case you don't know I am only 14 and don't have very much money.  Therefore, i use mostly high street makeup products. i am going to review some of the mascaras I have tried and tested.

Collection  No Clumps Definition Mascara

I love this mascara. It spreads out your lashes and, as the name suggests, leaves no clumps. It was very cheap - only £2.99. It is well worth it though. It gives you perfect lashes and lasts all day. I personally use colour 17 -Ultra Black. Out of all the mascaras I am reviewing this is my favourite!

Natural Collection Waterguard Mascara

This mascara is good. It is completely water proof but does were off throughout the day.  It has a strong colour to it.  I use the colour Black. It does dry out quite quickly though and doesn't last very long. Although it is quite good at being waterproof it doesn't add much length or definition.  It only costs £1.99 though. 

technic idoll 360 mascara

I don't really like his mascara.  I was given it as a gift but i have never really liked it.  it has a really watery formula and as soon as it gets hot it melts down your face.  I don't know what the colour name is. The brush is a very unusual shape which makes it hard to apply the mascara, especially the bottom lashes and it takes a very long time. It costs £2.99.

collection 2000 pump up the volume loud lash mascara

I'm not really sure how I feel about this mascara. When I first bought it, I loved it but the more I used it i started to dislike it. It does coat all your lashes and is very black in colour. But it also clumps and has quite a dry formula which means that it does almost flake off throughout the day and does dry out very quickly. The brush is massive which means that it cannot be used on bottom lashes. However it is suppose to make your lashes huge and it certainly does. It costs £4.99 which makes it the most expensive mascara I have reviewed in this post. Personally, I do not think it is worth it.



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