Its the middle of winter at the moment. And being a Scot I'm use to the cold but this winter is particularly cold at the moment. Cosying up a night is perfect at this time of year and warm winter PJ's are an essential.  This post will look at my favorite PJ's at this time of year. Enjoy :)
Slippers are an essential. I love mine so much. they are the comfiest things ever and keep your feet very warm.Santa got me mine for Christmas and I am very glad he did as I needed a new pair. They are Ugg Scuffette Slippers which can be bought for £70.00 from Schuh.
These Topshop PJ Bottoms are very comfy. Made of a very soft material, they stay soft even after many washes. Mine are in the colour Magenta. These are perfect for curling up in all year through they are especially perfect for the colder months as the fleecy texture keeps in the heat.  These were also a Christmas present and cost £18.00 from Topshop.
A onesie is a must in the cold months of the year. i personally like the Primark ones as they are affordable, comfy and come in a huge range of designs. Having a onesie party is a great idea with your friends but it is also nice to curl up in front of the TV and watch a film in. I have had mine for years and it has always been to big for me and even after the long time that I've had it, it is still in very good condition with no tears or rips. Onesies cost around £12 from Primark but can also be bought from other shops like Topshop or New Look.

I hope this post has been of interest to you . Thanks for reading :)


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